New Directions Girls


The Beginning


Glee Club


Meiko Lin, Demi Summers and J.J. Faulkner


William McKinley High School


Lima, Ohio



New Direction Girls are the girls of the Glee Club in McKinley High School that was revived by Joseph Smith. Currently, there are eight female members.

Current MembersEdit

Member ChartEdit

No. Name Status Solos Position
1 Meiko Lin Active 4 Member
2 Demi Summers Active 3 Member
3 J.J. Faulkner Active 3 Member
4 Phoenix Evans Active 3 Member
5 Natalija Jensen Active 1 Member
6 Angelica Lawson Acive 2 Member
7 Heather Williams Active 3 Member
8 Gabriella Brooks Active 3 Member


Season One
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Meiko Lin Joined Active
Demi Summers Joined Active
J.J. Faulkner Joined Active
Phoenix Evans Joined Active
Natalija Jensen Joined Active Absent
Angelica Lawson Joined Active
Heather Williams Joined Active
Gabriella Brooks Joined Active


Season One:Edit

Song Episode Solos
Complicated Avril Time MeikoHeather, Demi, J.J and Phoenix
Sitting On Top Of The World The Battle Meiko, Demi, J.J, Heather and Gabriella
Want U Back Meiko, Heather, J.J, Phoenix, Gabriella, Demi, Angelica and Natalija
Wide Awake Meiko, Phoenix, Gabriella and Angelica

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